Green Women Compost Production Company Private Limited

These women, previously engaged in waste collection, were now empowered to collect and treat waste, transforming it into compost known as “Cocompost.” The initiative not only contributed to waste recycling but also provided an eco-friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers for farmers at an affordable cost. The RDO Trust played a pivotal role in facilitating the entire process, from organizing the women’s cooperative and overseeing waste treatment to conducting lab testing for the compost and managing its marketing. Additionally, the trust ensured the safety of the women workers by providing protection kits during the waste recycling process.

As the RDO Trust progressed with the distribution of Co compost to farmers, it gained insight into the climate crisis affecting agricultural practices. In response, the trust embarked on a project named “Innovative Resilient Agriculture” in collaboration with the Supraja Foundation. This initiative aimed to make farmers climate-resistant by implementing innovative agricultural practices and providing alternative income sources to mitigate the impact of the climate crisis. By integrating both environmental sustainability and community empowerment, the RDO Trust demonstrated a holistic and forward-thinking approach to address pressing issues in waste management and agriculture.